Daniella Noelle Anne Martinez

Apr 2, 2022

Houston, Texas

Birth to age 1:
Emily, Daniellas mom went full term with her pregnancy at 39 weeks exactly. This was her second pregnancy and everything went smoothly for both. The second Daniella was born, her breathing was so off. They did multiple testing before leaving the hospital and everything came back normal. A couple weeks later at her pediatrician visit , the doctor sent her to the emergency room because her breathing was incredibly loud and delayed. Again, the ENT couldn’t see an issue. After many other appointments with doctors we finally scheduled her to get surgery at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston Texas at 6 months old. The surgery was called Supraglottoplasty which corrects airway issues and treats laryngomalacia. It was a night and day difference after the surgery, no more vomiting after feedings and a way less fussy baby.

Age 2-3:
Due to major delays in sitting up, crawling, talking and walking we continued to see specialist. Finally after seeing a Geneticist at Texas Children she was diagnosed with Stag 1. After the diagnosis we started her in occupational, physical and speech therapy where she began hitting some mile markers. Per her physical therapist we got Daniella to see a specialist to get her SMO braces which are to support the foot when walking.She was also diagnosed with Autism and will be starting full time ABA therapy April of 2022.

Primary diagnosis:
STAG1, autism, sleeping troubles, intellectual disability, developmental and cognitive delay, and hypotonia.

Daniella struggles with eating, mainly trying different foods and eating enough. She also has a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Understanding simple concepts such as wait and stop. She can walk, but does have a hard time to walk quickly and run as she isn’t very stable. Transitions from one place or activity to another can be difficult for her.

About Daniella:
At age three she is saying hi, hey, dada and dog-dog. She loves her family; her parents, older brother, younger sister and two dogs. Being outside, popcorn,milk and cocomelon are her love languages. She loves giving hugs, snuggles, dancing and has the best smile! Despite all the challenges we’ve come by with Daniella, she is the biggest blessing to our family!