Khavarii W.

May 10, 2024

Medical History

Birth story – Khavarii was my second pregnancy, it was a pretty smooth going pregnancy, I was taking baby aspirin to prevent preeclampsia. Later on At the glucose testing I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was then induced at 39 weeks 1 day due to high blood pressure, the delivery went smoothly.

0-1yr- Khavarii was colic for the first 4 months of his life, literally always screaming. We tried gas drops, switching formulas nothing helped until we hit that 4 month mark. He also was hospitalized at 1 month old due to having Covid19. After that four month mark he was a pretty happy baby always smiling but we noticed he was delayed in meeting his milestones. We mentioned it to his doctor around 11 months and we were referred to birth-to-three. They came and evaluated Khavarii and then started working with him from 13 months. Khavarii eventually started walking at 15 months. During the time working with them they had mention autism and getting an assessment don’t for Khavarii, I had set that up through them as well as through a developmental pediatrician. Khavarii was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder on November/16/2023. From there we looked into aba therapy and got that started and he thrived.

2yr- After Khavarii being diagnosed with ASD we went and requested a Referall for genetic testing. We got the genetic testing done in January of 2024 & Khavarii was then diagnosed with stag1.

Primary diagnosis: autism spectrum disorder & stag1

Challenges: The biggest challenge we face is communication

About Khavarii

Khavarii is such a happy, sweet, funny, loving boy who loves to learn! He likes numbers, colors, letters, music, being outside. He loves all kids and will hug anyone he meets. He loves playing with his mama, daddy & sister. He is so so smart!! He struggles to communicate his needs with me but can tell you the name/sounds all animals make , can identify any letter, color or number up to 20. He is overall just a joy to be around. Our biggest blessing💙