Luke Schneider

Feb 16, 2022

Luke Daniel Schneider

Kalamazoo, MI

Birth story to age 1: Luke was born June 20th 2019, he had no prenatal or delivery complications. He received his STAG1 diagnosis at three months old. Luke was diagnosed with a heart murmur / VSD at birth which closed on its own by age one. He sat up independently at 8 months old and crawled just after his first birthday.

Toddler age 2-4: Luke started taking independent steps at age two and received an ASD diagnosis. He attends ABA school to work on his communication.

Luke’s older brother, Ashton also has the STAG1 Gene mutation. When we got his diagnosis we were told it was a de novo or new mutation. After Luke was diagnosed we discovered one of us has the mutation as a germline mosaicist in our DNA.

Primary Diagnosis
STAG1 gene mutation, global developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder.

Forming words and communication is our biggest challenge. 

Personality Traits
Luke is an extreme extrovert who loves people! He’ll smile at and hug anyone he meets. He loves exploring the world nonstop and can’t stay away from where the action is at. Some of this favorite things are playing and dancing with musical toys, pushing stuffed animals in cars, and eating. He loves playing with his older sister and brother.