Matteo C

Oct 19, 2023

Medical History

Matteo was at 40 weeks because I, Simona, his mother, was left without amniotic fluid. Matteo’s growth in utero had already stopped for months. Born with a weight of 2.450 kg (5.4 lbs), he presented with Hypospadias.

At two months, he was hospitalized for a slight fever and the presence of hypertelorism and hypospadias. He underwent genetic tests for a suspected syndrome. Matteo has suffered from reflux since birth, and while waiting for genetic results, we realized Matteo is not doing the things a newborn of his age should do. We started neuropsychomotricity at 7 months. Progress is very slow; today at the age of 18 months, he still cannot sit up. At 16 months, he underwent successful surgery to correct hypospadias.

In August 2023, the genetic results arrived, and Matteo was diagnosed with a mutation of the Stag1 gene.

About Matteo

Matteo is a very sweet child, always smiling and good. He is the prince of the house and his older sister Matilde adores him.