Victor S

May 10, 2024

Medical History

Victor is born on May 9th 2014, 8 days overdue as the third child to the family. The birth was very uncomplicated and quite quick. As the third (and last) boy, life was pretty hectic and I (Victor’s mom) finished my bachelor degree in education just a week after he was born.

Victor was a very chill baby and always had his two big brothers close by. Victor’s closes brother is only 16 months older so the grew very close quickly. Victor was very late with his speech as well as walking. He always had his brother helping him talk and walk so there was never a need for him to try on his own. Once he starts speaking around 2,5 years he started making up his own language. As a family we had to learn his way of communicating and people outside usually asked for help from his brothers, who understood him the best.

Around 3 years old we started to notice that his head was not growing at the same pace at the rest of his body. We were referred to the children’s hospital in our town and here the long journey started with lots of test and regular visits. In 2019 he underwent a MRI and very extensive blood work. It was around the same time that our doctor started talking about ADHD for the first time. As a mother of 3 boys, I have been kind of use to chaos and it’s everyday life for us, so the thought of ADHD had never really struck with me. When we got the result back from the MRI and the blood work, it showed microfefali (small head) and some sort of generic deviation but they couldn’t tell what it was. So we took some more tests and send it to our regions “expert lab”. As Victor’s parents, we also left bloodwork to make sure it wasn’t something that came from us.

Almost a year later Victor was diagnosed with Stag1 and at that point, 2020, he was the only known child in Sweden with the disorder. We also found out that he made this up all on his own and that we as parents had nothing to do with his diagnosis.

First year of school was very though for him and he was a very exhusted kid. He had issues with noise and keep his concentration. He had a very hard time communicating with this classmates and ended up in a lot of conflicts. He ended up having to have an adult to guide and help him thorough the school day. Furthermore he also developed a lot of stomach issues and was constantly constapided and had accidets on a dayily basis.

But at the same time as he was diagnosed with Stag1, our team of doctors stated to do further investigation and by the beginning of 2022 he was also diagnosed with ADHD and intellectually disability, witch in Sweden means you have the right to special education schools with small classes and more teachers. From August 2022 Victor goes to school in a class of 13 classmates and they’re 6-8 teachers everyday. And the thrives 🙂 We got out happy and energetic boy back once he ended up in the right environment. He has so many friends and loves to go to school and play and learn.

About Victor

Victor loves music and dancing (as long as no one is watching). He’s always listening to music and we get to hear the same songs over and over again but that’s ok, because he’s happy 🙂
He always has a lot of energy and loves spending time outside ridning his bike or playing in parks.